Three components of the KSCC, the Tyros, the Ensemble, and the Chorus, are comprised of treble (unchanged) voices.

The fourth component, the Youth Chorale, accepts male singers whose voices have changed or are in change from treble to baritone, as well as high school females.

Auditions for Tyros, Ensemble, and Chorus will be in the form of a typical 75-minute rehearsal with other singers. Students will not need to bring a prepared piece.

Assessment criteria will include the ability to: match pitch, echo sing/clap pitch and rhythmic motives, blend voices with other singers, maintain good singing posture, follow directions, focus energies appropriately, and remain attentive for the duration of the rehearsal. Singers entering Kindergarten through Grade 12 for the 2017-2018 school year are welcome to audition.

The Kennett Symphony Children’s Chorus has four choral levels:

Tyros or beginning learners (Preparatory chorus, Level 1) Grades K-3
Tyros or “beginning learners”: (Preparatory chorus, Level I) Tyros means “beginning learners.”  This new KSCC ensemble is for our youngest singers in grades K-3. Tyros rehearse and perform on a modified schedule from September through April.

Ensemble (Level II) Grades 3-5
Ensemble (Level II): Boys and girls entering grades 3-5 may audition for participation. Exceptions may be made to include younger children who demonstrate advanced music reading skills.

Chorus (Level III): Girls and boys (with unchanged voices) Grades 6-8
Chorus (Level III): Girls and boys (with unchanged voices) who are entering grade 6-8 may audition for participation in this level. Those who have had previous experience in the Ensemble and/or who demonstrate the skill levels necessary for participation in Chorus may be invited into this level at the Director’s discretion.

Bel Canto (Level IV) 9th-12th Grade Girls
Bel Canto (Level IV): This female ensemble is designed for Choristers entering 9th-12th grades. Eighth grade students who exhibit comprehensive musical skills and maturity may be invited to sing at this level.

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